Friday, November 30, 2012

How do Electronic Cigarettes work?

Here is a video explains exactly how a electronic cigarettes work, of course there are more complicated devices on market, but all electronic cigarettes work on the same principle.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introduction to "Vaping"

Here is a video from that introduces you to the world of  "Vaping"(term used when using electronic cigarettes), for more information and news got to

Electronic Cigarettes are harmless

I would like to share with you what doctors think about electronic cigarettes. This is intended to show both smokers and non-smokers how electronics cigarette affect themselves and the environment. It is believed by people that if it looking like a cigarette and acts as a cigarette then it must be just as harmful as a cigarette. Here is actual doctors saying that this is not the case, electronic cigarettes work just like nicotine gum and patches, and even though they look like they emit smoke, it actually emit odorless vapor that is the same as water vapor that doesn't produce harmful second hand smoke, plus as an added bonus for smokers you no longer inhale harmful chemicals that regular cigarettes produce. 

Introducing the new Joye eVic electronic cigarette

Joye eVic is a new electronic cigarette that is useful for both beginners and advanced electronic cigarette users. It has a lot of features that can be used to monitor how much you use the device which could be used as a tool to for a nicotine free program or it can be used for get the best vaping experience i.e. throat hit, amount of vapor, amount of flavor, the list goes on.

This electronic cigarette is the first on the market to have a USB interface to your computer that will not only charge the device but it also interfaces will a application that is install to your PC for monitoring, increasing vaping experience, and batter performance (click on image below for more information).

This device is also very affordable compared to the other high end electronic cigarettes on the market. It comes with a complete starter kit that includes everything you need such as; 1 eVic control head, 1 eVic battery tube, 1 rechargable 2600mAh battery, and 1 eVic USB cable. This is definitely a electronic cigarette that is on my wish list.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My first Electronic Cigarette Setup

After lots of feedback from members of my favorite forum, I settle a series of products from that I personally recommend do to their large selection, customer service, and fast and efficient delivery. I purchased an Ego Twist, Kanger T3, 1.8 ohm Kanger T3 replacement head and 3 24mg nicotine 10ml Menthol e-liquid bottles all under $70 (see complete setup below). I have been without a regular cigarette for over a week now with no desire to go back to regular cigarettes. This setup for me mimics the experience of a regular cigarette, delivering the same amount of nicotine without the extra chemicals of a regular cigarette. My quality of life has already changed for the better.

Other Electronic Cigarette Stories

NicXvapor (,

I started vaping shortly after losing my job. I'd been curious about it and since a friend of mine (who owns a tobacco shop) was selling them I bought one. I didn't use it much for a while just because he didn't carry any parts. A friend of mine who had been vaping for longer found out and I was taken to a local-ish shop that dealt only in vaping. Once I knew I could get parts when I needed them I made the switch overnight.

This was all just months before we founded NicX. That story is continued here:

crymsannerose (

I first head about ecigs inadvertantly through a spam email with one of those try now, pay for it later deals. So, I did some research and found a site where I could buy a pen style for 10 and a pack of carts for 10. I managed to quit cigs except for my morning one for about 6 months. My husband didn't like me buying stuff over the net with his card, so he cut me off and right back to cigs it was...
Fast forward 2 years and I was at the bus stop one day with ghostdogg79 (our kids go to school together) and he showed me some of the things he was given and told me about this site. It took me a while to actually make it here and sign up, but I eventually did. I also went to the gas station up the road and bought a Fuma rechargeable pen style. Well, the pen style is ok, but it just doesn't quite compare to smoking, so I'm still a smoker. But I'm here on ECA and I've ordered my eGo-C. It shipped sometime today and I CAN'T wait for it to come in!!! I also ordered some tanks for it and several different flavors of juice. I have a vapebox ready and waiting to be stuffed with vape supplies!!! I'm siked about being here!!! Message and ask me anything!! I'll certainly be asking a LOT of questions until I get this vaping thing figured out!! Thank GOD ghostdogg is right down the road if I need any help!!!

Personal Story on Electronic Cigarettes

This is my personal story about Electronic Cigarettes. A couple of years ago I heard about electronic cigarettes and I was skeptical and I did very little research on certain brands and saw that their brand didn't have any nicotine content so I stopped researching and thought there is no way I'm switching to electronic cigarettes because there is no nicotine content. Well in the last 4 months I started to see electronic cigarettes in stores behind the counter with analog cigarettes and I thought to myself why would they sell electronic cigarettes behind the counter with analog cigarettes if they didn't have any nicotine in them. 

That spiked my interest, but that wasn't enough for me to research more, until my fiance started worrying about money for Christmas for the kids. That's when I started looking for ways to save money and cigarettes where my biggest expense buying a carton of Newport 100's every 2 weeks at $50 something dollars. 

That's when I dug deep into researching electronic cigarettes and found that they do in fact contain nicotine and contained enough nicotine to take the place of my Newport cigarettes. I began reading a lot of reviews and viewing a lot of video reviews of different electronic cigarette products and say that I had to spend anywhere for $60 - $80 for a starter kit and from then on buy cartomizers or e-liquid from $10 - $20 every 3 weeks to very month which would save tons of money for Christmas just switching from my regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. 

Than I started researching starter kits to find which ones where good quality at a descent price and was settled on getting a Halo G6 starter kit, however I was still a little skeptical that I would spend money on a starter kit and than go back to my regular cigarettes. 

It was about than that I went to Walgreen to pick up some medicine for my mother-in-law and right when I was about to leave I saw a Finiti electronic cigarette with 1.6% nicotine behind the counter on clearance for $5 down from $10 so I decided to buy it.

I figured that if I could last 24 hours with just that electronic cigarette and no regular cigarettes then I would fully commit to electronic cigarettes  and to my surprise I didn't even crave a regular cigarette while using the electronic cigarette, so I fully committed myself to electronic cigarettes only. 

That's when I found ecigadvanced and joined and asked the members about the Halo G6 starter kit and what they where using and they directed me to the Ego twist and the Kanger T3, so instead of getting the starter kit I got the 1100 mah Ego twist, Kanger T3, Kanger T3 1.8 ohm replacement head (for a harder throat hit), charger, and 24mg Menthol e-liquid all from and received it in the mail in 2 days and since using it I couldn't be happier.

Now we have more money for Christmas for the kids and a better quality of life. That's my story and hopefully this story may help others be healthier have more money in their pocket while still enjoying smoking, but in a more affordable and healthy way.